The Benefits of Journaling Your Meals

Food journaling is one of the most powerful tools that I utilized as a fitness professional, especially for new clients who are unaccustomed to healthy eating. There are several benefits that come with the discipline of journaling your food. Let’s discuss these benefits briefly, this may be a great practice for you to begin.
One of the major benefits to food journaling is heightened awareness. The fact is most people go through their day eating according to impulse, rather than according to a plan. Unfortunately, this is why people find themselves taking in such unhealthy foods. Once someone begins food journaling a quick look at their intake for the day can be eye-opening, maybe even a bit alarming. Now, magnify that and consider what it might be like to see your intake for the past week, all on paper. Mind blown!
Another great benefit of food journaling is that it allows a visible correction process. As a trainer and wellness coach I love to have people journal their food on paper, that way I can actually mark directly on that paper and write corrections and suggestions. When my children bring home school work that has written corrections, the differences between right and wrong are super clear. Once clients are willing to subject themselves to this correction process eating healthier is right around the corner.
Lastly, another powerful benefit to journaling is just the sheer discipline it requires it forces the person to take time to invest in themselves. It also shows me, the coach, a teachable spirit and a strong desire to learn new habits. It takes a lot of time and energy to write down everything you eat. When someone is willing to put that type of effort in, it says a lot about how hungry they are to change. (no pun intended)
I hope I’ve been able to add some value to the idea of food journaling. Try it, it may be just what you need to get the results you want!