The 3 Most Important Components of Your Personal Wellness Investment.

The three most important components of your personal wellness investment are;
1) Hardwork
2) Consistency
3) Patience
Consider this, it is important to view our commitment to our fitness program as an investment in our own health and wellbeing. With this understanding in place, what type of “return” do you expect on your investment. Careful consideration of the ROM is an important part of any wise investment. No smart investor takes a risk without considering the reward. Once you have identified your desired return, you have to analyze whether that return is realistic considering the investment that you’ve made.
Let’s think about this in the context of more traditional investments. Let’s take an investment property or rental home as an example. In most cases when someone invest in a rental property they do this with the understanding that there will be some “hard work” involved in order for that property to yield the desired positive return. Before renting their property, an investor may have to do some necessary renovations. Even for the handy investor, renovations can be challenging and time consuming. An investor may have to spend several hours per week making changes or repairs. Generally speaking, we all understand this and realize that hard work is just a necessary part of the business. Well, fitness is no different. If we expect a positive return on our investment we must except the fact that hard work is simply part of it. If we aren’t willing to commit to putting in the work, it is no different than an investor who is unwilling to fix a leaky roof or rotting deck. No wise investor would expect a rotting property to yield a great return unless the work was done.
As an investor in a rental property it is also understood that regular maintenance and keeping the property rented consistently is part of making a sound investment. The homeowner wouldn’t commit to being a great landlord one month, and a terrible landlord the next and expect the best return on their investment. If an investor fails to keep a property rented consistently it will, without a doubt, have a negative impact on that property’s return. Generally speaking, we all understand this concept. Consistency with your fitness program is no different. Being inconsistent with your workouts, nutrition habits and cardio, yet expecting positive results is just and silly as a landlord failing to maintenance and rent their property while still expecting a favorable return on that investment.
Lastly, in most cases an investor purchases a property with the understanding that this property is going to slowly build equity and this takes some time. The same is true of other traditional investments. Similarly, a person wouldn’t invest in a mutual fund expecting a large positive return in a month or two. The same is true with your personal fitness investment. The fact is, most investments worth making require patience in order to see the desired return. If a person gave up on their rental property or went to their financial advisor and decided to abandon their mutual fund investments after only a few months, we would say…..”That doesn’t make sense man, you have to commit to hard work and consistency over time before expecting a huge return.” Why is it that so many people quit their fitness program after only a few months of inconsistent commitment….expecting a huge return in the form of looking better, feeling better, improved health etc. This is an unrealistic perspective. Let’s be committed to consistent, hard work overtime so that we can earn and enjoy the positive return on our investment.