Getting Started

Because of our well-rounded approach to personal fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness, we are able to provide effective wellness solutions and programs in a private, one-on-one, small group or corporate setting. It is our belief that everyone is capable of reaching their top level of wellness provided they’re equipped with the proper tools and adequate coaching. Our objective is to help you reach your prime.
It is important to us to embody the “Championlife” philosophy, which is primarily a belief system. Central to the Championlife belief system is the idea that everyone is capable of living a life marked by winning, regardless of circumstance or their individual character. No matter where you come from, with perseverance, you can become a champion.
We believe that with practice, this belief system will become second nature, not only regarding wellness/fitness, but it will permeate every area of a person’s life. With this mindset in place, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals will become one’s “normal.”
We believe that attitude determines outcome, and attitude is ultimately a decision.

Define, Pursue, & Realize


During our initial assessment, we begin the process by first identifying your fitness/wellness objectives. Applying years of knowledge and experience to identifying your personal or corporate capabilities is the starting point to defining what success is for you.


Once we have identified a goal, the paramount step of initiating and taking action begins. Nothing is possible until we begin to carve out a fitness plan specific to your needs. It is during this step that resistance/strength training programs, nutrition planning, aerobic exercise prescriptions, and daily personal growth and development goals are designed. By creating a custom program that is personalized to suit your needs, you will be given a roadmap and the necessary tools to pursue your goals. This is where your pathway to success begins to form.


As you follow your personalized fitness plan, you will begin to achieve your fitness goals. With expert guidance and dedication, you will realize your full potential. We are here for you at every step to help you overcome hurdles and celebrate your successes.