My body had changed tremendously after pregnancies and I was sick and tired of being sick! I knew I had to do something and didn’t want to do the “fad” diets. I contacted Russ and it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made! Best part is that he encouraged me to eat(right food and amount of course). It’s still a work in progress but I am so happy to be a part of Championlife Bootcamp!

Arisa Pavlis April 25, 2019

I almost hesitated to post any pictures because I didn’t think there was enough of a change...
I started Championlife in August 2018. I had been to a few classes and I could sense the camaraderie among the members and I wanted to be a part of it. Championlife has given me accountability and support that I had never before experienced in a class setting. I have been challenged and continue to be challenged each class. I have been pushed further than I ever would have thought to go on my own. I am a work in progress, but my greatest achievement has been building strength and gaining confidence in myself!

Ali Mickle April 25, 2019

I was never what you would consider “out of shape” because I always ran and played sports, but I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I would eat healthy or barely eat for 2 days and then binge eat the third day or at night.

Championlife helped me learn to have a healthy relationship with food and learn to be consistent with shorter, amazing workouts that brought me better results than 2 hour gym sessions ever did. I now eat ALL sorts of food and variety because I know how to control myself and never go overboard. Russell took me to the next level. Lean and cut for days, not to mention my booty is the best it’s ever been!

Katie Welch April 25, 2019

My entire life, I have been struggling with my weight. I had tried EVERYTHING. Starving myself, unhealthy yoyo dieting and not exercising. I was living in the denial of "I'm not THAT bad". I ate fast food in secret and then ate more for my meal. I was ignorant and on a unhealthy path (emotionally and physically). Last year I joined Championlife and I measured with Russ. I was at 47% body fat. Now, I am at 35%. I am proud of my progress! I have confidence, endurance, and strength. Its good to feel beautiful again.

Miranda Owens April 25, 2019

If you would have told me that I could lose over 25 lbs and 10% body fat in just 12 weeks, I would have laughed in your face!! Why?! Because I was uneducated! I have tried every fad diet there is.. any quick fix, already been there done that. So I was really at the point of giving up trying to be fit. My schedule was too busy, I had too much going on, I didn’t know what to do at the gym... every excuse in the book I had one! Not to mention my lack of knowledge on the topic caused quite a bit of anxiety in the grocery store and the gym. Then my friend at school told me about bootcamp and introduced me to Russ. I didn’t think I needed a trainer, but then I started thinking to myself.... if I could do it on my own, it would already be done. So heck! Why not try it out for 6 weeks... see what happens...

BAM!!! Results started happening... clothes started fitting better, I was able to move up a notch on my Apple Watch, people started to notice... and best of all I STARTED TO NOTICE! Now I’m addicted and I can’t stop! I realize that I needed someone to educate me on how to be healthy!! So tell me again... what is stopping you?!

Taylor Taylor April 25, 2019

5 years ago, my once so fast metabolism teamed up with my motivation and “Thelma and Louise’d” my ass- leaving me exhausted, depressed, flabby, and confused. In my younger years, with horrible eating habits and a non existent fitness regimen, I was fortunate to maintain a decent weight and tone without putting in much effort. 2 kids and a few years later, I found it very overwhelming to accept what I had become and a lifestyle change was the ONLY way I could get out and stay out of the place I was in. One night a friend of mine on FB posted an invite to attend a 5 week Bootcamp session led by Russell. I signed up!!! My first measurements taken by Russ were alarming! Over 30% BMI and I think I burned the paper with the rest of the numbers BUT I made the decision to do this and finish the session. I followed Russ’ instruction and the results started happening within 2 weeks- first mentally then physically. The session ended and I wanted MORE!

I can say today (5 years later) I have cut my BMI in half, I see food as fuel, and I’m stronger now than I’ve EVER been in ALL areas of my life- I cannot imagine my life without Championlife! The mental and physical health this tribe has given to me is priceless. It’s so much more to me than a gym, it’s LIFE and where change begins!

Lisa Russell April 25, 2019

After having Liam in March 2015, I couldn't drop any of the baby weight. I wore maternity clothing for nearly a year after having him. I reached out to my sweet friend and she put me in touch with Russ! I started in March 2017 - Joining ChampionLife Bootcamp has been one of the best decisions I have EVER made. I have regained confidence. I FINALLY feel comfortable in my own skin and took the plunge a few months ago and did a boudoir photoshoot! I still have a ways to go but have come so far already.

Casey Norfolk April 25, 2019

I joined Champion life Dec 27, 2016... to say I was fed up and disgusted was an understatement! I felt awful, I didn’t like myself, and my motivation was in the gutter!! I decided on that day that no matter what, this was going to be the time that I actually conquered my goals! It has not been easy, I have wanted to quit more than once, I have lost the will over and over, but I kept walking through the door! I felt like even standing still was better than backsliding! Then my miracle happened. I got stronger, I got more ambitious, I started focusing on food to fuel me and my workouts, and ultimately I just did not give up, even when that would have been easier!! I am proud to say that not only did I achieve what I set out to do, I surpassed that and found a new sport that lights my soul on fire! I’m now a spartan racer at the age of 37 and living my best life, and that all began the day I chose to make Championlife fitness a part of my life!

Leslie Bowerman Clendenen April 25, 2019

I contacted Russell Scales with Championlife Bootcamp through a Facebook post 10 weeks ago, I was extremely nervous, very insecure and had zero self esteem and or confidence. I started on a Saturday, which was very overwhelming and very intimidating, to the point Russ had to come to my car and walk me in to the gym! Now fast forward to today, I have lost 30lbs, cut my measurements in half and self confidence that I thought I would never have. But, most importantly, I have gained an incredible gym family that is motivating, caring and will do anything to help you succeed in your goals. I absolutely love my gym family and can honestly say, these peeps will be lifetime friends and family.

Jennifer Walling April 25, 2019

"I started with Russell back in March. I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like Russell’s fitness program. For my entire adult life I have struggled with weight and finding a fitness program which would benefit me. I am not a person who hangs out in gyms or considers myself athletic and because of this I have a lot of insecurities and often defeat myself before I have even attempted. In other fitness programs I had, I was given instruction and did lose some weight but I was never inspired to become more fit, not only physically but also on a level which spans a lifestyle. However, I knew from the start that Russell was different. What he has, is unique. To be honest, 2 weeks into Russ’s fitness program, I was feeling just like I had in all the other programs - I was defeated yet again, feeling unable to complete his programs and not losing weight. It was at that moment that Russell intervened. He knew I often got in my own head and could tell I was feeling self defeated and he pulled me aside and shared with me his own stories of defeat and triumph and showed a level of depth of interest in my success that no other trainer ever has. From that day forward he would help me get out of my own head, and stay motivated to do that “30 more seconds” or “2 more reps.” I can honestly say I am today more fit, more motivated, and more ME then I ever have been in my life. Russ has a level of attention to detail which far exceeds any other trainer, and a level of empathy which makes you not afraid to fail and motivated to thrive. Russ takes the time to help you in anyway you need it, from motivational talks, to educating you, to looking over your food logs and making helpful suggestions. I’m happy to say that I’ve lost close to 20 pounds, lots of inches, and gained a healthier lifestyle thanks to Russ!"

Stephanie Moncrief July 21, 2017

I am officially a little over 3 months in my journey with Russell Scales and my results are starting to show. I try my best to go to bootcamp 4-5 times a week and have been pretty consistent with that. I have gotten so close to the people I workout with at bootcamp, It's almost like family. As Russell always says, "you get what you put in" so keep coming back and keep working and you will get there...One. Day. One. Workout. At. A. Time.

This is me, 22 pounds lighter. Russell provides results and if you don't know, you better ask somebody!

Allison Martin May 24, 2017

I began my journey with Russ at Prime Wellness about 8 months ago. The first 3 months were the most difficult. After I lost my initial 25 lbs.,
I have continued to work on my strength, endurance & nutrition that will continue to take me to the next level. Continuing bootcamp for me, gives me the
accountability, to show up. My fellow boot campers "rock a workout "& always make you want to work just as hard! I have wasted money on gym memberships
to "state of art" gyms, but without Russ to challenge me and push me to want more from every work out, a gym membership is like a "flatline" to me.
He has taught us, you can not just work out and continue to have bad food habits. Sharing his knowledge on food, along with how to reach our goals will be a
an ongoing way of life for me, always striving to gain more strength, be my healthiest & look and feel my absolute best.
Thank you so much Russ, for your ongoing support in my journey.

Joy Sexton January 11, 2017

I started with Russ about six weeks ago. I had gained a lot of weight going through school, and working full time. I felt really bad about myself, I was tired all the time, and I knew I needed a change. I found Russ through a woman I work with and haven't looked back since. I go 3-4 times a week to his bootcamp classes. I really enjoy them because everyday is different, and I feel like I've accomplished something after every workout! Not only is Russ there to train you, he motivates you to do your personal best and not give up. He also helps with food recommendations, and checks food logs and gives advice. After only 6 weeks I have lost 50mm in body fold measurements, and almost 4 inches off my waist! I have honestly not felt this good in years. Russ promotes a healthy lifestyle, not just a workout regiment, and that's what makes training with him so great!

Katie Talmont January 11, 2017

I gained a ton of weight after getting married, and I placed my health on the back burner. I wanted to get stronger, drop body fat, and increase my energy, but I needed some help. I saw Russell’s post and t sparked my interest, because I saw how active he was on Facebook and the types of results people were seeing. He immediately responded to all my questions and concerns within minutes. I couldn’t believe the response time!

In the first two weeks, I lost 34mm of body fat, gained strength, and despite all the strength training, I even lost a few pounds. With the Championlife Bootcamp, you’re not just getting a killer workout, you’re getting a trainer that wants to see you succeed and provides the tools in order to help see that you do. You’re getting a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to go at your own pace. You get a nutrition group right at your fingertips. You’re getting a connection to a network of people that are pushing right along with you, thus, accelerating your motivation. You get the whole package!

If you are wondering where to start your journey to better health and fitness, put your trust in Russell Scales and his Championlife Bootcamp — you will not be disappointed!

Maranda Brock December 13, 2016

Working with Russ Scales and his 'Champion Life' approach to fitness has been fantastic! I've seen encouraging results - but that's only one reason why I love participating in his morning bootcamps. I've lost body fat and several inches in my first month with Russ, which is very motivating. My favorite benefits, though, include the energy I feel throughout the day after a morning bootcamp with Russ! The intensity is just right-- he pushes me more than I push myself when working out solo. And the group dynamic fosters a team atmosphere - we all cheer each other on. I also like his mental approach to fitness - challenging us to be the best version of ourselves in all aspects of our lives. I'd recommend Russ Scales to anybody!

Becca Habegger November 16, 2016

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