Personal Training & Classes

One-on-One: Our one-on-one personal training programs are custom-tailored fitness/weight management plans that are developed with the client’s specific needs in mind. Everything from session length and frequency to training methods and movements are designed to accomplish a particular individual’s goals. We carefully assess the fitness level, exercise history, nutritional needs and physical limitations of the client prior to program design. Our approach is unique in that our programs are not simply designed to address exercise. We believe that personal growth and development is essential to long-term wellness. One-on-one personal training rates vary depending on the needs of the client and duration of their program. Please contact us to begin your assessment process.

Small Groups: Small groups are a great way for friends and fellow training partners to participate in a slightly less personal program than the One-on-One option. However, small group participants receive very personal attention while enjoying a nominal rate. Nutrition counseling and aerobic exercise prescription is also included for all members of the group. Small groups consist of four participants or less.

Bootcamp: A moderate to high-intensity, functional training program in which clients are typically guided through a series of exercises organized in a circuit format. This program utilizes nontraditional exercises and modalities such as battle rope movements, kettle bells, suspension straps and various other body weight exercises to target the desired muscle groups. Clients can specify their primary desired results and provide their exercise history and any physical limitations. Modifications in weight, tempo, and range of motion can be made to accommodate each client’s specific needs.

HIIT: HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training,” which is an exercise strategy that alternates short periods of intense, aerobically demanding exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Usually less than an hour long, these short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and conditioning as well as improved glucose metabolism. Our HIIT classes incorporate boxing, rowing machines, kettle bells, medicine balls and various other modalities. This class is designed primarily to target body fat stores and building the core! If your goal is to incinerate an enormous amount of calories in a short period, this is the class for you!

KickFIT – KickFIT with Emily Andzulis is a moderate to high intensity workout combining cardio, kickboxing, and weight training all with a martial arts flare. No matter what fitness level you are at, you are guaranteed a complete a workout that will lean, tone and enhance weight loss.


Class schedule:

**If you would like to attend a class, please contact Russell by phone at (865) 360 – 6505. In addition, if you would like to view the full schedule on mobile, please rotate your screen to horizontal.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00 am Bootcamp 6:00 am HIIT / Cardio KB 5:00 am Bootcamp / HIIT 6:00 am HIIT / Cardio KB 5:00 am Bootcamp / HIIT 8:00 am KickFIT / CardioBOXING (Emily)
9:00 am Bootcamp 10:00 am Women’s HIIT (Emily) 6:00 am Bootcamp 9:00 am Bootcamp 6:00 am Bootcamp 10:00 am Bootcamp / HIIT
5:00 pm Bootcamp / HIIT 5:00 pm Bootcamp / HIIT 9:00 am Bootcamp 10:00 am Women’s HIIT (Emily) 9:00 am Bootcamp
6:00 pm Bootcamp 6:00 pm Bootcamp 5:00 pm Bootcamp / HIIT 5:00 pm Bootcamp / HIIT 5:00 pm Bootcamp / HIIT
7:00 pm KickFIT (Emily) 6:00 pm Bootcamp 6:00 pm Bootcamp
7:00 pm KickFIT (Emily) 7:00 pm KickFIT (Emily)