Stephanie Moncrief

“I started with Russell back in March. I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like Russell’s fitness program. For my entire adult life I have struggled with weight and finding a fitness program which would benefit me. I am not a person who hangs out in gyms or considers myself athletic and because of this I have a lot of insecurities and often defeat myself before I have even attempted. In other fitness programs I had, I was given instruction and did lose some weight but I was never inspired to become more fit, not only physically but also on a level which spans a lifestyle. However, I knew from the start that Russell was different. What he has, is unique. To be honest, 2 weeks into Russ’s fitness program, I was feeling just like I had in all the other programs – I was defeated yet again, feeling unable to complete his programs and not losing weight. It was at that moment that Russell intervened. He knew I often got in my own head and could tell I was feeling self defeated and he pulled me aside and shared with me his own stories of defeat and triumph and showed a level of depth of interest in my success that no other trainer ever has. From that day forward he would help me get out of my own head, and stay motivated to do that “30 more seconds” or “2 more reps.” I can honestly say I am today more fit, more motivated, and more ME then I ever have been in my life. Russ has a level of attention to detail which far exceeds any other trainer, and a level of empathy which makes you not afraid to fail and motivated to thrive. Russ takes the time to help you in anyway you need it, from motivational talks, to educating you, to looking over your food logs and making helpful suggestions. I’m happy to say that I’ve lost close to 20 pounds, lots of inches, and gained a healthier lifestyle thanks to Russ!”

Stephanie Moncrief July 21, 2017