Joy Sexton

I began my journey with Russ at Prime Wellness about 8 months ago. The first 3 months were the most difficult. After I lost my initial 25 lbs.,
I have continued to work on my strength, endurance & nutrition that will continue to take me to the next level. Continuing bootcamp for me, gives me the
accountability, to show up. My fellow boot campers “rock a workout “& always make you want to work just as hard! I have wasted money on gym memberships
to “state of art” gyms, but without Russ to challenge me and push me to want more from every work out, a gym membership is like a “flatline” to me.
He has taught us, you can not just work out and continue to have bad food habits. Sharing his knowledge on food, along with how to reach our goals will be a
an ongoing way of life for me, always striving to gain more strength, be my healthiest & look and feel my absolute best.
Thank you so much Russ, for your ongoing support in my journey.

Joy Sexton January 11, 2017