Taylor Taylor

If you would have told me that I could lose over 25 lbs and 10% body fat in just 12 weeks, I would have laughed in your face!! Why?! Because I was uneducated! I have tried every fad diet there is.. any quick fix, already been there done that. So I was really at the point of giving up trying to be fit. My schedule was too busy, I had too much going on, I didn’t know what to do at the gym… every excuse in the book I had one! Not to mention my lack of knowledge on the topic caused quite a bit of anxiety in the grocery store and the gym. Then my friend at school told me about bootcamp and introduced me to Russ. I didn’t think I needed a trainer, but then I started thinking to myself…. if I could do it on my own, it would already be done. So heck! Why not try it out for 6 weeks… see what happens…

BAM!!! Results started happening… clothes started fitting better, I was able to move up a notch on my Apple Watch, people started to notice… and best of all I STARTED TO NOTICE! Now I’m addicted and I can’t stop! I realize that I needed someone to educate me on how to be healthy!! So tell me again… what is stopping you?!

Taylor Taylor April 25, 2019